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Decolonize your body, dive into deeper healing, creativity and Liberate with Alchemy 

Welcome to Restorative Alchemist Academy, where we believe that true healing comes from within. Our holistic approach to healing draws from ancient alchemy techniques from the  Daoist acupuncture tradition, and other somatic healing modalities to help you shift the intergenerational trauma shadows, and tap into your body's innate healing abilities. Our programs are designed to promote decolonization, deeper healing, and liberation. Through our services, you will learn to claim your power and embrace your enoughness. Join us on this healing journey and unlock the full potential of your mind, body, and spirit.

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Healing begins with decolonizing your body

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Decolonize Your Mind and Heal Grief with 40 Nights Ceremony

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Unlock  your inner power  with Restorative Alchemist  Protocols

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Transform Your Health: Decolonize Your Body with Daoist Herbs

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