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To Restorative Alchemy Healing  (RAH) TM Academy, where you discover a way to shift multi-generational trauma, Big T and little T traumas, grief, and mind-body imbalances with  ancient alchemical Daoist Classical Chinese healing traditions, ancient wisdom and tools  from across the globe, and  modern day trauma-based science. 


If you are a healer, acupuncturist or traveler along the way empower yourself and client with alchemical healing tools and wisdom  to shift multi-generational trauma and restore individual, collective and Earth. Helping us all to be a Good Ancestor. 

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Uncoiling Water  & Fire Snake
Alchemy of  Self & Earth Heart and Kidney Connection 


In this 2  hour  workshop you will discover the secret  Heart and Kidney connection, how it manifest in our psycho-emotional-spiritual lives, and holds the key to healing epigenetic trauma, finding joy and manifesting purpose. 

uncoiling the trauma snake.jpg

Uncoiling the  Water Snake
 Alchemy of menopause of Self and Earth


 In this two hour class you will discover how to balance mind-body and spirit during the peri-menopause and menopause with  Classical Chinese herbs, nutrition, essential oils  acupuncture protocols and more. 

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 Uncoiling Protector Snake
Alchemy Opening Healing through Pericardium

In this 2 hour workshop you will discover how to heal trauma through healing the Pericardium Luo Channel. Pericardium is known as the Heart Protector and holds the key to healing our trauma stories.  

Alchemy of Healing Ancient Trauma

With Daoist Alchemical Wisdom and  Trauma informed Psychotherapy Tools

Signature certification course 

Restorative Alchemy TM

Discover Restorative Alchemy Healing TM Healing  techniques, based on the ancient Daoist Acupuncture healing alchemical  protocols releasing and resolving epigenetic trauma.  You will learn to heal like a Wu Shaman, who did not did not use needles. 

Ancient  Healing Wisdom

Uncover a deeper science of epigenetic trauma release through Daoist Alchemy understanding of Heart Shock,  Qi, epigenetic trauma,  the unknown ancient meridians, five organ spirits, and trauma healing as ceremony

Counseling Informed Trauma Healing

Learn powerful trauma-focused counseling techniques and how to use them with your Daoist Alchemical Healing protocols and healing work overall. 

Online Signature Certification  Course

 Shen Gong Yin for Women
Teacher Training

In this online 5 month Level 1  Signature course, through movement, breath, meditations, and Restorative Alchemy TM ( Daoist Alchemical energy healing treatments), aimed at healing health issues, multi-generational family trauma, big T and little T traumas.   You will uncoil the sleeping dragons of destiny, empowerment, healing, feminine wisdom., and the blossoming of the  Heart Kidney  connection. Shen Gong is a powerful pathway of Qi Gong which means the Way of Destiny.  Shen Gong Yin was birthed by Dr. Omi to awaken female health, wisdom, and inner blossoming of  power.  This course is if you want to train as a teacher in Sheng Gong Yin or you want to do it to heal your own health. 

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Uncoiling the Water Dragon

Here you will discover how to  uncoil the Sleeping Water Dragon's life force and genetic essence which resides in the  the Kidneys and water energy. We discover the power of flow, grace, and destiny. 

Chinese air dragon.jpg

Uncoiling the Air (Wood & Metal)Dragon

We now awaken the sleeping Air (Wood and Metal) Dragon. We discover our ability to grow and flourish in alignment with the heavenly plan. 

Earth Dragon.jpg

Uncoiling the Earth Dragon

Here we uncoil the sleeping Earth Dragon, and the power to release what family lineage stuff is no longer needed, and awaken the life-force of the Spleen to extract what is needed from life and lineage.  

fire dragon 3.jpg

Uncoiling the Fire Dragon

Here  we uncoil the Sleeping Fire Dragon, who resides in the Heart energy.  She represents to sit on our throne and manifest passion and heart connections in our lives. 

Ether dragon.jpg

Uncoiling the Ether (Metal)  Dragon

Now we awaken the Sleeping Dragon of Ether (Metal). We rest in total peace, and the unfolding of our our feminine wisdom and beauty. 

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