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Nourishing Yin, Waters of Life
A Healing Circle and Seminar

You will gain insights into:

  • Archetypal Yin as Mother Goddess in various cultures - knowing her through stories and iconography

  • Understanding of Yin as a sacred vital life-force

  • Understanding how Earth Yin, and Human Yin mirror each other

  • Physiology of Yin from a Classical Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic perspective

  • Symptoms of Yin Deficiency

  • Symptoms of Heart - Kidney disconnect

  • How to nourish the Kidneys and Yin through herbs

  • How to nourish the Kidneys and Yin through nutrition

  • How to nourish Kidneys and generate Yin through Daoist No Needle Acupuncture protocols (Which I have coined as Restorative Alchemy Healing)

  • How to nourish Yin through ceremony

You will walk away with the following: 

A Knowledge about Kidney and Yin energy

  • Importance of Yin as a sacred vital lifeforce

  • Tools to Nourish Individual Yin

  • Tools to Nourish Earth Yin

  • Video that you can replay.


Facilitator: Dr. Omi     Location: Online    Date: Wednesday  June 21st  2023 @ 8 PM  EST - 10 PM  EST.  Cost: $55

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Watch this space for more courses 

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