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Be Part of the Journey 

Hi my name is Dr. Omi. As a Acupuncture Student intern, I noticed not many moms or kids of color were stepping through the door, even though there was a high level of stress in the community, and amongst this population.  I realized that money, feeling of safety, and lack of knowledge about acupunctures benefits for psycho-emotional health were barriers to accessing treatments.  I decided to remedy this by starting a Go Fund Me, so that I could provide up to 3 or more free acupuncture treatments to BIPOC moms and or kids who were in need of de-stressing and emotional re-balancing but could not afford it. What started as a small intention blossomed into a 501c program, which is named after my kid's yoga book, My Heart Flies Open published by North Atlantic Books, distributed by Penguin Random House. The program is still in its Pilot stage. 

Phase 1 of the program began in 2020 - I managed to raise just over $2000 and was able to treat BIPOC moms and kids in need. I used the opportunity to create a pilot, where I helped to  pull clients from the stress edge, and document the results of the program's treatment outcomes, in order to improve emotional and mental health for this population.  

Phase 2 of the program began January 2023 -  The program is now a 501c Program, thanks to Unleash the Brilliance.  I still see myself in the pilot stage of my program and have decided to dedicate up to 5 weeks to see treatment outcomes when  BIPOC moms and their kids are given acupuncture wellness treatments together. I will document the results of this part of my pilot.  The idea came about when I did a few mom and kid sessions which seemed to have beneficial effects. I have started a Go Fund Me, so please feel free to donate. 

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When we HEAL ONE mother
We heal a COMMUNITY 


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