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Hi my name is Dr. Omi.  I started the Mindful Earth Acupuncture & Wellness 501c Pilot program when i was a student acupuncture student. I did a Go Fund Me, so that vulnerable Women and Kids from BIPOC communities suffering from life stressors could receive the precious gift of  Acupuncture, Herbs and wellness.  I did this because, I knew many of these women and children were not accessing acupuncture because of the cost. 


We are so happy to  announce the second phase of our pilot program has begun. We will continue to gift up to three free treatments, and more if needed, to BIPOC women and kids who cannot financially afford the healing power of acupuncture in their lives.  Each client will receive a full assessment, personalized assessment, acupuncture and modalities such as: herbs, lifestyle advise, cupping, moxa, and  tuina. 


To aim to help each client continue their health journey  after their treatment, by  providing free tools and educational wellness training.  We  also ensure we honor their experiences by documenting them. We believe by doing so, we are also able to help improve the accessibility of the BIPOC community to acupuncture and wellness. 

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When we HEAL ONE mother
We heal a COMMUNITY 



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Phase 1 of the Pilot program started began two years ago with a passion to help  moms and kids who looked like me, and a Go Fund me which raised $2046. It fact,  my dear husband Olu Derrick, being the infinite project manager he is, encouraged me to turn my passion into a pilot program, so that I could make it even more meaningful by collecting the experiences of the women. So I did. 



Collage of calm young African American woman practicing breathing yoga exercises over moun

Now it is 2023, and we are delighted that  Phase 2 and a Go Fund Me for the program has begun. 

We are also  happy to announce that  Unleash the Brilliance 501c  is now hosting us as a 501c Program. 

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