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Four Elemental Mother 
Women's  Meditation and Prayer Ceremonial Circle for Peace

After having a vision  the "humongous catastrophic" environmental disaster coming our, from  way back in 2016, I was guided by that same vision to find "the Tibetan Oracle", as he would be able to explain the vision further to me.  I didn't know such a person existed, but a series of serendipitous events led me to discover he did exist and he lived in  in Dharamshala,  India. He invited me to come and visit him. I had no idea how I would make it to India, but I did with the help of a community fundraiser. He listened to my vision and confirmed it to be true. His true name  turned out to be  Nechung Kuten La, Tibetan State Medium of the Nechung Oracle. He explained to me the Four Elemental Mother forces of Earth, Water, Fire, and AIr were out of balance because of our disregard and mistreatment of them.  He further explained the solution to the catastrophic disasters was to do special prayers and ceremonies, in each of our cultural ways to these Mother Elemental forces. I promised him I would spread, and I did. However, at some point I stopped telling people and sharing the inner and outer offering prayer ceremony of the Four Elemental Mothers. One that could be adapted to any culture. Recently I have been called to do this five week Four Elemental Mother Peace prayer ceremony again. 

Cost: Free. 

Location: Online

Date & Time:: Five Weeks on Saturdays starting November 12th - December 10th.   9 - 10.30 am EST 

For: Women, but men are welcomed to come and support these prayers. 

Location: Online. 

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Link to prayer for dissolving the Mother Elements

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