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Signature Course
Clearing Ancestral Trauma, Grief & Gui (Ghost)
With Daoist Restorative Alchemy Healing  TM  

Free Foundation course online

Presented by Dr. Omileye



After my visit to Ghana and the Door of No Return, I realized that we each carry ancestral trauma and grief which is set deep within our blood,  bones and collective unconscious. If this type of trauma is not cleared it acts as Gui (Ghost) which haunts our minds, bodies, and lives.  When we clear it we are able to live  freer lives, have the ability to heal our lineages, and become the heirs of ancestral gifts. 


While by the beach near the Door of No Return, I did a  series of ancestral clearing treatments I had learned from the Classical Chinese Medicine tradition, which is known as Daoism. I remember the few recipients I gave these treatments to sharing they experienced deep shifts and healing.


After my trip I felt more determined than ever to share the  knowledge, of these little heard about inaccessible healing protocols, which help heal grief and trauma on a deep ancestral epigenetic level,  and only a few learn or know about.


I spent  four hard years studying Classical Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at the  Masters and  Doctorate level. During that time I was taught alchemical acupuncture and healing treatments from the Daoist Tradition. I remember being totally shocked when I realized that this tradition had powerful treatments that released epigenetic trauma from the deep meridian levels, and had an array of all sorts of trauma healing protocols, including ghost healing treatments. It was even more moving when I witnessed the subtle and life transforming nature of these  treatments in the clinical setting.   I was further surprised that many of these Alchemical Healing  treatments can be done with and without needles. 

During my four year studies, I paid a lot of attention to the trauma healing treatments, and  how to do them with  and without needles. Deep down, I knew I wanted the magic of these treatments to be accessible to other healers. In my clinical practice I began to use many of the protocols and also  tested them with no needles. Both were powerful. 


Today I have collated these alchemical protocols into the Restorative Alchemy Healing practice.  This makes these protocols to all healers,  those on the epigenetic trauma and grief healing journey.  It also enhances the healing practice of other acupuncturist. 


In this free  Foundation course you will discover: what ancient trauma and grief is and is not; the concept of Gui and Po (ghost and ancestral spirit),  the Daoist Psycho-emotional model; what Daoist medicine and western science says about epigenetic trauma; definition of Racialized Complex trauma and grief regardless of our culture; and how we all suffer from it regardless of anatomy of trauma in the form of heart Shock;  the anatomy of  Qi  and  its explanation of why trauma affects   Heart-Mind-Spirit-Body and lineages all at the same time.  the eight pathways trauma takes through the ancient channels of trauma such as  the eight ancestral; why trauma also gets stored in the blood and the use of the Luo Channels;  The primary channels and trauma; about Restorative Alchemy Healing and how it works to activate ancient trauma clearing protocols without needles. You will experience one Restorative Alchemy Healing practice that you can use straight away.  



You can take this foundation course by itself, and it will enhance your ability to understand the power to heal trauma on the level where the deep meridians lay, and where trauma actually lives. You can afterwards also choose to   register for the  up and coming certificate course in Clearing Ancestral Trauma with Daoist Alchemy and Trauma-Focused Somatic Counseling techniques Level 1

Who is this course for? Anyone who wishes to  understand and shift ancestral trauma and grief. 

Date: Sunday June 25th 2023. Time: Noon - 3 PM  EST

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