Al photos of author by Kai Lendzion

I hold space 
for you

as you breathe in and breathe out...and discover your gifts and transform your shadows. 

My Journey

I believe my own journey has prepared me to help you walk a shorter one.  I had a calling and a path to walk, but I had no idea how to do so. I now understand much of my traumas and illnesses were a result of my soul moving further and further away from its center, as I resisted who I was suppose to be, and how i was called to show up in the world. 

My special interest is in healing Epigenetic, intergenerational  Ancestral  Trauma, and the healing power of art and symbols. 

My  Studies

Initially I did not understand why I studied so many  ancient systems, but  the one's I did ironically had a deep connection together and gave me  a deeper understanding to our shared inner and outer humanity, and pathway  to individual and global trauma.   My training as in Diversity and Mindfulness  helped me further helped me to  tie inner and outer healing to the pathway of greater good. But my greatest learning came from my Jamaican mom and sitting at our diverse  Sunday dinner table,  where friends from all walks of life would join us. We were not rich in material things, but we sure were rich in laughter, stories,  hot social debates lots of good food, and love

My Key studies are:
  • Current – Masters and Doctoral Student of Daoist Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture  and Herbology – Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medicine Arts 
  • ​M.Ed Counseling and Development (Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling) - Winthrop University
           EMDR - EMDR Professional Training
            Family Constellation Systems - Institute of                      Family  Constellations
           Hypnotherapy -  ICBCH
           Mindfulness - ICBCH
  • BSc Ayurvedic Medicine and Complementary Health Sciences  – Ayurveda College (UK)
  • African Studies BSc, London University School of Oriental and African Studies – London University School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) 
  • SEED Trained Equity and Social Justice Facilitator  – National SEED Project
  • Children’s Yoga – Cosmic Kid’s Yoga

  • Tibetan Astrology - Erik Jampa

  • My family dinner table!


My Art

I have always been fascinated by images, symbols and their ability to speak a thousand words to us. I believe symbols always show up in our lives to guide us on our journey.  I have had fun over the last two years, especially not being a trained artist, painting my  Peace Am I Diversity Mindfulness art series for children of color and all children to know they are love.  I have also had fun as an Asheville City School TAPAS Artist in Residence,  teaching children throughout the School system how to paint these therapeutic images, and use the power of breath and yogic movement  within these images to realize the love and joy they are. 
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The Children

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I love working with children, and helping hem realize the joy of their true self. Healing the inner child of the adult is also an important part of  my Epigenetic Trauma work Then we have the planetary inner child, the collective soul who has gone away from its path and purpose.  I love working with all of it. 

My Teachers

I have been humbled and grateful for the many good teachers and guides I have encountered along the way, and I give thanks to them all.

I give special thanks to those who have gone out of their way to bestow wisdom, blessings and guidance to me. These include: My ancestors, Mother Waters, and Holy Ones; My mother;   Master Jeffrey Yuen - Daoist Priest and Master; Nechung Kuten La, Medium of the Tibetan Oracle, Chief Abiodun Agboola - Ifa Priest; Dr. Marouf Athique - founder of The College of Ayurveda (UK).  

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My Promise

Everyday I dedicate myself to the upliftment of the suffering of all sentient beings.