The wound is the place where the light enters you - Rumi

Photo by Kai Lendzion

I remember walking across Blackheath Common in London, and looking down at myself walking across the frost coated blades of grass. I was 13, and was very down about the school I was in, and being back in London after living in Trinidad for three years. I felt out of place at the Convent school I went to, and the ground under my feet I called home had been swept away. Years latter I understand that I was suffering from a trauma that had made my soul scatter. Since then, much of my journey has been about understanding how trauma works,. especially epigenetic trauma,  and how to help people find their way home to themselves. Everything I have studied has been merely part of this exciting journey. 

I consider myself a mere student of life, who has learned a few things along the way that can help others who are looking to embrace their weird wonderful, creative, peaceful, compassionate and awe inspired Self.  My ultimate goal is to help our communities and planet to be a peaceful we-filled place. 

Are you ready to take a healing journey? I am ready to join you. Take a look below and choose your journey

Love Dr. Omileye

Dr. of Classical Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic Practitioner (BSc,)

Trauma-focused Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Author, Artist, Mindfulness Teacher, Healer, Fifth Generation Vision Keeper.