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  My Heart Flies Open  Acupuncture Pilot Program
for BIPOC Moms and Families

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This story of this pilot project began with the death of a dear friend from COVID and a passion to help black moms and families with somatic trauma and stress. I think this story began even before my friend's death. 


Spring of 2020, I raised $1878 dollars to gift disadvantaged moms and kids of color,  and white moms with nonwhite children up to 3 or more free acupuncture treatments. 


Over the space of two months 30 free treatments were given. 90 percent of moms reported that their symptoms had reduced by 80 percent by the second treatment.  Many of the women,  and the few young people I treated stated stress and emotional trauma as one of their main issue. 


I was grateful to Jodie Appel, owner of the Salt Cave  and counselor Justina Prevatt for donating services to the moms and kids treated. 


I want to continue this pilot program, and eventually publish the findings.