Alchemy of Healing the Racialized Trauma Body 

Healing  Racialized Body Trauma has to be more of  a ceremony than a purely clinical journey. You will experience the power of healing trauma and racialized  trauma as a magical alchemical experience


It came to my attention when working as a school counselor and then with BIPOC mothers and children on the  acupuncture wellness fund and pilot program I created for them, that there were layers of trauma stories that black and brown bodies carry, that are often  not recognized, understood, or given voice to. I also realized that these stories are connected to emotional, physical and spiritual distress, and unless dealt with the layers just keep on piling on and so does the weight and consequences of carrying this invisible load.

I further  realized that this type of Racialized Body Trauma needed to be approached as more a ceremony than a clinical experience, and needed healing strategies that had the true ability to release these layers of stories from the blood and epigenetic levels.  I was fortunate to know such techniques from the Classical Chinese Daoist medicine tradition, and to have used them on my BIPOC Acupuncture Wellness pilot program, I  would create a safe sacred healing space for the patients, and then witness first hand layers of trauma stories falling away, and their lead would turn to gold.  I was also able to use my knowledge of trauma-focused counseling skills to potentiate the healing. I truly wanted to share this alchemical finding with my healer friends, but how. And this is where I feel fortunate again, as I learned to do many of these ancient healing treatments with and without needles, and am happy I can help healers from all professions utilize these trauma healing treatment strategies too.  There are channels in the Classical Chinese Medicine Daoist Tradition that exist on the Blood and Yuan (deep epigenetic layer of the body), I am going to share healing strategies for these channels and some more with you. 

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To help BIPOC members of our communities to heal from their Racialized Body Trauma, and have the ability to live their life in full mental, physical and spiritual wellness. How?  By  sharing with healers from various professions how to potentiate their  cultural and  therapeutic healing  competency  and  a  tool belt  filled with magical effective tools from Classical Chinese Medicine (Daoism), and Trauma-Focused counseling tools. 

What will you learn?

You are about to discover the alchemy of turning the lead of trauma into gold: 

Over the weekend you will discover: 

  • What is Racialized Body Trauma?

  • What is the Alchemical view of Trauma from the Classical Chinese (Daoist Medicine) and Shamanistic Healing traditions view

  • How to heal Racialized Body Trauma through creating safe and  sacred space

  • How to heal Racialized Body Trauma through somatic  Counseling Therapies 

  • How to activate healing through the the energetic treatmetns of  Classical Chinese Daoist Medicine Alchemical energetic treatments such as: Dai Mai Belt Treatment, Sacred Four Gate Treatment, Luo Treatment,  Eight Extraordinary Treatments and more.