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Breathing in and out

When my brother took his life, I promised myself I would never let a person die like that again, if I am around. So I went deeper on the  healing path.  I wanted to help individuals and community find purpose and freedom from the shadows that haunt our lives and Earth.  To feel at home in their own bodies, and ancestral wisdom. With a past  in journalism in the UK, and a long line of African-Caribbean Seers/ healers, I have a gift. My gift is  helping others see the core of the story in the midst of the chaos.  I also have effective  tools such as Trauma-Focused Integrated Counseling and Daoist Acupuncture to  help shift the shadows of generational trauma that keeps on lurking in our individual and collective cupboards 

Dr. Omileye

My Heart Flies Open

Mindfulness, affirmations, and yoga instructions form the text of this uplifting, “fantastical trip.”
Kirkus Starred Review

Published: North Atlantic Books
Distributed: Penguin Random House

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you" - Dr. Maya Angelou

Kind Words

"As one of our Artist in Residence and a healer, Dr. Omi has a deeply transformative way to work with children, and  people through her arts, mindful, intuitive and healing knowledge." 

Copland Rudolph - Executive Director, Asheville City Schools

Smudge stick close-up shot. Burning _ smudging sage stick on dark background. Native Ameri

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