Water Shrine Landscape

Learning to listen to creation
awakens us to the magic of 
living, compassion, peace,
and harmony



Dr. Omileye "Omi"

Try this meditation to connect with Creation

The aboriginal Elders say it is in the stillness that we are able to connect with creation, our inner peace, the place where  our dreams awake, and healing takes  place. They call this meditation Dadirri "deep listening". 

Try this meditation for deep listening today. 

Listen  now

Listening to the Creation saved my life

When I was younger I felt disappointed with my life, I wanted to be like my friends, and have a "normal" life.  But every time I tried to have that "normal" life  things would go wrong.  Then one day I very sick, and the doctor could not work out what was wrong with. Then I had a vision that I would die soon.  A traditional elder told me I was running away from my path, and had to follow it.  I come from a family of Vision Keepers, who are able to see destiny, interpret dreams and  heal others. Did I want this path for myself? Hell  no.  But not following  my destiny was creating sickness, loneliness, poverty and sadness. When I reluctantly began to follow the voice of creation, my life began to change.  I feel in service to help others find their connection to Creation and heir dreams. When we each awake or our Earth awakes with us. 

Balancing Rocks

“Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis has created something special in this inclusive and accessible book for young girls of color. Her beautiful pictures are accompanied by inspiring words that will move all kids and the adults in their lives, too.”
—Mallika Chopra, author of the Just Be series

Kirkus Starred Review

My Heart Flies Open book cover2.jpg

I wrote illustrated and wrote this Yoga mindfulness book so that every black girl and every child could realize they are love and the embodiment of peace. It is a book that can even help adults find their inner child magic. -  Omileye Achikebi-Lewis

Published by North Atlantic Books. Distributed by Penguin Random House. 

 Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. - Joseph Campbell

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