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Embrace your weird wonderful Self  

Breathing in....Breathing out...let's go on a journey together

"Achikeobi-Lewis’ lyrical prose and visual art combine to offer a beautiful experience of mindfulness and movement perfect for meaningful time between children and caregivers that will feed the spirits of both."

Kirkus Starred Review

My Heart Flies Open, children's yoga/mindfulness book published by North Atlantic Books. Distributed by Penguin Random House.  Available wherever books are sold! 
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Omi's work helps kids and adults to free themselves to be themselves. 
Mark Wolyn, author of It Didn't Start With You

Growing  up, in England and an African-Caribbean family  I lived in two worlds. One where I was a stranger and another one where I was allowed me to be my weird wonderful Self.  It was while being a stranger in the other world that my Soul scattered and my journey to finding Home began. It was a journey with no visible road map, and all the sites were strange and sometimes scary.  I feel I have come full circle and arrived Home, the place where true alchemy happens. I also now  realize  my whole life has prepared me for this moment to be your guide.  My name means Water Gives Me Joy, Honor, and Dignity and I share valuable insights on healing, happiness and mindfulness. 

Listen to i Heart radio Podcast Speaking of Travel by Marilyn Ball. She speaks to Omi about How To Find Your Way Home  

I remember a dear fried of mine said, "once you see an image you cannot un see it".  This sums up why I plucked up the courage to  paint images of peace where children like my daughter are represented. I wanted children of color and all children to know they are love and peace.

Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, M.Ed, NCC, LCMHCA

Check out the Peace Am I Diversity Mindfulness Art series

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Helping moms
and kids of color
Receive acupuncture and wellness

Diverse Moms and Kids Acupuncture Pilot

I started the Diverse Mom and Kids Acupuncture Pilot Program, to help  moms and kids of color afford these much needed treatments, in these times of grief, stress and profound direct and vicarious trauma. 

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